Friday, June 19, 2009

notice the shadows

There was a rumor on the radio news today that there might only be a CHANCE of a late afternoon shower. As soon as I heard this I started to take full advantage of the day and get the kids outside. Yes, it was very wet (b/c it rained all night) and there were large pools of mud, as shown, but I did not care. All that dirt can be washed off. My next challenge for the day is keeping the second nap, I am fearing they are starting to lose it... boohoo

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the saving grace of the screen porch

Yes we got a great deal on our house and for the most part it was in move-in condition, other than painting, the selling point for me was the extra room. Even though it is a screen room so it limits our use to April/may to October. It is by far one of my favorite rooms in the house. With all this rain it has served as an extra playroom for the twins while staying dry and getting fresh air at the same time. I keep the doors open all day and they are able to ride their "outside" bikes around. I allowed for that only because of the rain, as soon as this mess is over everything is going back out, along with children and DOG!

here is the screen porch, as you can tell it is a good size room with a nice high ceiling. My sister was nice enough to pass down a couch so now it really is an extra living/play room

As some with kids already know, never underestimate the power of a cardboard box

the garden (not)

I have decided to try and plant a garden this year, unclear of how to plant a garden and where, and what to plant I did it anyway. As it turns out 80% of my back yard is shaded 80% of the day. Neither one of these factor when planting a garden. I only planted a few plants just to see what will work. I have a good feeling that i will be planting seed in the fall and reconsidering my garden location. As for all the rain, I can guarantee that I did not plant maple sapling and mushrooms although these pictures might lead you to believe that I did.

rain rain go away

Now that we are on our tenth day of rain, even though I think it has been raining since the end of April, we are completely stir crazy. The boys need to be outside and quite frankly even playing in the rain in no fun, it is cold, rotten and nasty. There was a quick break in the weather the other day and we took advantage of the brief, almost glimpse of the sun. As you can tell, the boys are playing in what would be a sand box but we haven't gotten any yet. Anyway, it is FULL of rain water. I heard today that the rain fall for June so far is above 5" and it has yet to hit 80degrees.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

thomas feeding william

breakfast of champions

The babes love to sit in the front window and car/people/dog watch. I gave them bagles this morning, since I packed up all the bibs (they remove them) I used some towles thinking it might get messy.


a true kid

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