Monday, March 31, 2008

dad at work

I took the babies to see Larry and Aunt Kim, Birdie, Uncle Lenny and anyone else in our family who may be part of that company. Even though Thomas is sleeping I think Larry looks more tired.
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auto show

Larry and Colin went to the Auto Show on Thursday night. They politely stayed home until both babies were asleep then quietly tip-toed out of the house hoping I would not miss them. Colin took every opportunity to sit in all the cars. I guess it is every boys dream to have a really cool car and look cool in it, Right Marco?

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William and Thomas are so aware of each other. They love to touch each other and watch each other. After they eat in the morning I have them in chairs where they talk and poop together. It is really funny and nice that I only have to do one big changing at a time.
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colin's art

the artwork on the shirts is by Colin. I have spent a lot of money on school fundraisers for my son and everyone kids. I have bought wrapping paper, cookies, nuts, pizza, pretzels, sponsored walking, contributed time and food, blah blah blah blah blah. Now this fundraising comes back on the parents. In a lot of ways it is good, then I don't have to sell myself along with other items for the school. They just send your kid home with their own art and puppy dog eyes, who could say no to your own kids art (and eyes), an order form for placing it on numerous item. We went for the onesies and a mug with his name and art work on it.

Spring finally arrived

I have been suffering from cabin fever so ba i couldn't wait any longer. My sister loaned me an awesome double jogging (walking in my case) stroller. It needed a good cleaning so we all went outside. Even the boys were exctied to get some fresh air.
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We have a Thumb sucker, maybe

Here Thomas is in the home stretch of a 4 hour nap and I think he may have found his thumb today. William has been sucking his fingers off and on for a month but Thomas decided to stick his thumb in his mouth and it seems to be working out for him.
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Colin's Birthday

Colin said he had the best birthday ever. We all chipped in and got him Guitar Hero III. So as he is in his bedroom jamming to Mississippi Queen I am in my bedroom second guessing my decision. I wonder if he realizes that all the songs are 20 years older then him.Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

True Love

Larry and I go to bed and are absolutely amazed at the two beautiful lives we have created. We are so lucky to have each other, ( him more fortunate to have me LOL). Larry has been taking the boys for a few hours each weekend while I get back to massaging. he sees first hand what my days are like. He likes to stick to the bedroom with them, he says "that is where he can manage them." Although we (babies and me) spend a lot of time in the bedroom, I would go out of my mind if i spent my whole day there. As I said earlier, Hurry up spring!


Here is the ham.... He is so cute.


Here is Jennifer, Niffy, we haven't seen here up on my blog yet. She, John, and Chrissy came over the other day for pizza and a beer. As soon as I am done nursing (maybe this summer) I am going to have the biggest Gin and Tonic EVER. Since that is my favorite summer drink I think the breastfeeding will be done by then. Not sure if I can make it another summer without a tall, cold one.

March 18

Today is Colin's Birthday. I can't believe how quickly time goes by. Today he turns 11 yrs old. He is such a great kid and I am so proud of him. He is praticing hard for his school play. He got a part on the Oliver! cast and loves it. I think he has really found an activity that he enjoys.
Happy Birthday Colin, I love you!

times are tough sometimes

So as you all have read, some moments are crazy here. They both were tired and neither wanted to go down. Note: baby on the bottom is nursing. LOL I really am going to enjoy these shots later down the road and wonder how I got through some days. I have been trying to get out more often since we are all suffering from cabin fever. However since they were born in November and two is hard to get out of the house, they don't like to go..... It is so hard to go to the mall and have a screaming baby or two screaming babies for that matter. Today, though was the second day in a row we left the house before noon and i actually got to the store and almost home without a cryer. It was a relief that there might be a light at the end of my tunnel. Can't wait till spring.


This is one of my favorite shots so far.
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learning to share

Thomas (left) and William are learning to share. It wasn't hard to get them to pose for this shot. they are really funny and starting to ham it up for the camera
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