Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sick (and i'm tired)

This year has been the worst ever for stomach viruses. It all started the the "family funk" back in January, pre-move. Our whole family, extended family too has the runs and puking. (remember the week before our move). The second bout happened the night of Colin's birthday. William was first with the puking and the diarrhoea down his legs to the floor. Thankfully that was all he had in him. Thomas on the other had started puking at 3am and didn't stop until 6pm. This was a Thursday and at that point we took him to the hospital fearing he was becoming dehydrated.

The ER Doctor felt he was ok since at that point he was sipping water and keeping it down. We went home and he mostly slept through the night. He woke up the next day and vomited once, i think because he drank to much to quickly. After that he fell asleep and slept the whole day only to wake every so often to drink some water.

By 6pm that night the diarrhoea started again and we immediacy called the doctor and rushed our lethargic baby to the ER, again. When we walked in the same doctor was on and looked at him in my arms and said "oh no he looks a lot worse" It was at that point they hustled a into a room and "tried" to get and IV into him asap. It was a horrible experience to witness our little fella getting an IV in his arm unsuccessfully and then his foot with success. So Thomas was checked into the hospital on Friday night for hydration purposes. He was such a great patient and we were starting to see improvement in him by the following afternoon. I did the overnight shifts and kept him in the bed with me, I did not have the heart to put him in the metal crib that resembled a jail cell. Larry would come in the afternoon and take over. By Saturday afternoon he was eating Cheerios and drinking juice and water. He looked very stylish and cute in his hospital gown, however once was enough for us.

When all is said and done, both boys are very healthy, Thomas was in the hospital, but it was only for hydration purposes. The only antibiotic either of them have been on was an eye drop for pink eye and that was during this fiasco.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A bond I may never understand

I am not sure how to even express how much i love this photo. They love each other so much and are so kind and gentle to each other. It is so amazing to have both babies in my life and growing at the same time, yet they are so different from eachother. On this day, both boys were sick and it was the beginng of a really long week that ended with Thomas in the hospital. that is all for another post, maybe tomorrow I will have some time to get that in.

colin turns 12

Another year has gone by and they go faster and faster every year. Colin turned 12 on March 18 and he is excited to venture into his true pre-teen years.

almost white trash

I believe these photos almost qualify us for white trash. Here the twins are playing in what would be a sandbox. However we filled it with ice (at the time water) and beer. Of course it happened to be Budweiser. none the less they had a great time playing in the water... I think this is right up there with them splashing around in the toilet bowl.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

everyone has a place

Kate and Paul decided to stop by for the day. Thankfully Paul loves to do fun things outside and Kate loves to hold the babies. William could not wait to get in the dirt while Thomas was happy on the sidelines. Looks like everyone pairs up quite well.

before and after

i have been thinking about a garden and where/what to do. I grew up with a garden in the yard and helped pick weeks and food, but I do not know the science of how to start, when to plant or what the heck to do. First off, i needed a spot. I watched the sun and the trees above and decided that right in front of the shed would be the best spot with the most sun coverage. My dad brought over the rototiller and I got busy. Thank God they live a mile away and have been gardening for years! After all was done I went out and moved my posts another ten feet. We will see what I can produce out of the garden this summer.

eating pears

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

as the story goes

both boys love the dog and want to eat her food and drink her water. So as some may have seen the video to the left of them drinking out of the dog bowl. Here they have moved onto the toilet. I heard nothing for about 30 seconds and came around the corner to see this. They were taking turns trying to drink out of the toilet. Thomas, as you can tell form the wet head, was the sucessful one. William decided to just help him in in the end... I will keep you all updated from now on of the daily antics they will be providing... more to come

at home

the move...

yes, we have been busy. First off, our camera is gone, well broken. so any of these posts are from my phone, not the greatest, but better than nothing. Where do I begin. Yeah for us, we finally got our house. After nine patient months we finally closed on the house on January 23. We knew it was going to happen soon from about December on but still were unsure of the day or even week. Anyway we felt sorry for the previous owners and a little awkward at the closing but here we are in our new home.

Prior to our move on Saturday, January 24. I spent my week, (where I should have been packing) with three, yes all three, puking kids. I did not get a break for sickness until at least two weeks after we moved. Anyway back to the week before. My plan was, as I am sure most people would have planned, was to pack. Sounded like a great idea. However packing was not in the cards for me and my sick family. Every night Larry would come home and I would cry and say "I just don't want it to be Saturday and everyone shows up and we throw our shit in boxes and bags" Of course this is exactly what happened. Thank God Larry and I have awesome families and friends, they just look past us and see what needed to get done and did the job. It was a disaster, it was freaking freezing, and it was dirty, but we got the job done. We most of everyone else got the job done, I still had two sick and miserable babies hanging on my legs. Melanie showed up on Saturday and did not leave (except to sleep) until Thursday. I knew I would be indebted to her, thank God I had her surprise party just around the corner, that would make up for my mess.

In any event we moved, we are 98% unpacked and we are happy. We will be eating rice and beans for a long time, but we are happy. Our house is great, it fits us all and we have enough space that we are not living on top of each other. The twins LOVE the backyard (fenced in already) and William will cry every time I bring him in. They have adjusted to the move and thankfully have recovered from 2-3 weeks of puking, coughing, runny noses.

So here are a few pictures of before the move and now in our new home.

week of hell!


finally moving out

poor sick william

weeks of no washer, UGH!

poor sick thomas

me and colin

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