Thursday, May 22, 2008

two heads are better than one



We met some friends from denver in the city last weekend and had a great time. thomas loves drinking water from a glass and they are starting to grab anything i am eating to put in their mouth
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so peaceful

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I took the plunge today and put Thomas down for a nap awake and crying. It lasted all of about 5 minutes of bitching and complaining. Should have started this sooner. I have both boys taking naps in Colins' room. His room is jam packed with cribs and beds. Oh well, the price he will have to pay so I can get a good night sleep, soon.....

I just put them both in for a nap awake and it took less than 3 minutes of crying and 5 minutes of complaining. oh yeah this could work out for me


Ding Ding Ding....
Thomas Owen: 19lbs
William Evan: 17.10 lbs

Both boys are growing and progressing at normal rates. They are hitting all their 6 month milestones and in and above 50% for their age. The Dr. and I had the vaccination talk again yesterday and it went surprisingly well. Much better than I had expected. At our last visit he asked that I do some research, well I did and I was standing strong on our decision to not vaccinate this young. I explained that I felt that 24 months was a good age to start at and even then make sure that are mercury free, spread out and individualized to each shot. He was on board with that decision and asked that I continue to research and keep open dialogue with him about it. I have no problem with either of those requests. I left feeling good about the conversation and the boys left feeling good about having their thighs remaim untouched by sharp needles.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

how much is that doggie in the window

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Our small part

In an effort to help the environment and our bodies we have done what we can to give up using plastic water bottles. I have bought stainless steel containers from Klean Kanteen and we have a water filter from Berkey. So far is is working out well and nobody seems to mind. I even bought smaller sippy cups for the babies for when they give up the bottle and boob.


I forgot how slimy and gross babies get when they Really start eating food. YUCK!

Mom and William

Larry is always finding his way into everyones pictures

Dad and Thomas

Kate's Prom

Katie had her senior prom last Friday night and she looked beautiful. Larry, Colin and I went down to see her off and take some pictures. I broke down and cried in the car, she looked so beautiful and I am just amazed at what a strong young woman she has become. I know you are reading this Kate and I love you so much and I am so proud of you. I am excited that you continue to take on your life and strive to become a better, more knowledgeable individual. You are a super kid and I can't wait for you to go to college. We are here to support you along your journey.

Look at my girl all grown up

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

who is this pie for

Chiro Care

Thomas and William have been going to the Chiropractor since they were two weeks old. We try and get them there every 4-8 weeks. Here is Dr. Dave feeling around before he adjusts them. Don't worry he does not adjust their necks in this position.

Friday, May 16, 2008

chrissy and thomas

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Colin keeping the babies happy, thank god
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I am demonstrating another creative way to use a play pen. Right here it is holding 5 loads of laundry patienly waiting for the laundry fairies to come and fold them. they never showed up so I had to do it. UGH!
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colin finally got a haircut


as much as colin likes to have the long hair i knew once it got warmer he would change his mind. melanie came over the other night and buzzed his hair off. i think he looks great
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here william and i decided to dress like twins today
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slowly shrinking

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my three sons

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mastering the art of hording


William has decided that while Thomas is taking a nap, which really means power nap, he is going to pratice keeping all the toys within his reach. He has demonstrated this fine skill by placing the basket around his neck.
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

peter pan pay a visit

thankfully i did't have to sew this shadow on, it came in the extra large size

and the fun begins

Both babies are expolring their boundries. they both take each others toys all day long neither one has gotten upset over it yet which is nice

Sunday, May 4, 2008

sleep and dust bunnies

Sleep - I don't get much
Dust Bunnies - I have a ton

Sometimes in the afternoon when I am quite delirious we have races with the dust bunnies down the hallway. I know this sound crazy, but these are the small things I do to amuse myself and help me get through the day.

I have daily goals with the babies,
One: keep them happy and entertained
Two: Make it to 5pm
Three: make it to 7pm
Four: Get at least 3 consecutive hours of sleep somewhere

Here is how I have been feeling, Overwhelmed...

Taking care of two infants is by far the most challenging experience I have even encounter. Don't get me wrong, I love it and I am excited to have two babies, but it is so much work, effort, time, ... I know that I am good at this and I know that this is rewarding and I would never want to be anywhere else. I always dreamed of having three kids and it is awesome to have three kids, who knows maybe we will have more.

Anyway back to being overwhelmed, I am home all day with the companionship of two fella's who don't talk (in my language at least). They don't like to sleep in the day or apparently now at night. I am constantly moving them from playpen to excersaucer to swing to floor. Every 10 to 20 minutes moving and shaking not babies. It is hard for me to get out of the house even for a walk, forget going anywhere. They don't like the mall, the car, the car seat. They like my hip though.

I am tired, exhausted and NOT suffering from ppd. I am just overwhelmed. I sat in my room crying last night wanting to call my mom and ask her to come over, but she has enough going on. Like all mothers we know when our kids need us because just as I stopped crying and started bathing the boys my mom walked through the door. she knew I needed her and without a phone call or being asked in anyway she came to my rescue, thanks mom.

We proceeded to put the guys to bed by 8pm (later than usual) and I was so thankful to have them down I was finally able to collect all my dust bunnies and clean my kitchen (to some degree). I finally put my head on the pillow at 10:30pm and was quickly out of bed at 10:35 to an awake baby WTF...... These kids were sleeping through the night or at least 6-8 hours at a time, this week however, they want to be up before 11pm. So when we finally got them back to sleep at 1:30am (yes, 3 hours) I got to sleep until 4:30am only to be woken up by two babies that decided to stay awake until 6am. Well of course they are sleeping right now and have been for two hours, why wouldn't they, they are infants and need sleep.

So since we are in an apartment and the boys are still in one crib, I have made a few decision:
One: Get them in Colin's room somehow
Two: Cut back on nursing at night
Three: Wait for Colin to go to camp this summer and maybe let them cry it out
Four: Not give up
Five: Take a deep breath and be thankful for what I have

I am so fortunate, all I had to do was say pregnant and I was pregnant with twins. I know there are many people who are not that lucky. So that is what I hold in the back of my mind every day and night, I am fortunate to have Colin, to have Larry and to have Thomas and William. Plus they are all so damn cute.

I needed to get some thoughts out, yeah, I should have been sleeping or cleaning or something, but I decided to take a shower and blog

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