Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The final Months

Ahhh the final months of my third pregnancy with the 4th and 5th child. I have come to realize that most people feel for me and are looking forward to "the end" The beauty of these last few weeks are, as I have discovered from my own experiment, I can actually not wear a bra for days and keep pajamas on while going out in public, and no one will even say anything to me. To not wear a bra and actually get away with it is a glorious event. Not only that I can live in sweats, and quite possibly pee in them and no one approaches me. I am sure that I not only look like a hobo, but I probably smell like one too.

As I venture into the last few weeks I still wonder every day, HOW? How is this going to play out? I am letting you all know that I have absolutely no idea. My options are limited though. I can grin and bear it, and find the strength or I can become a super crazy lady (hmm i might need some cats for that) and make my family nuts. I am hoping for the strength of option one.

Here are some family updates:
-Both Team B babies move all day long. They let me know they are large and in charge of my stomach
-Twin Team A (the boys) are talking up a storm, it is still hard to understand some of the words but they are really good at showing me what they are talking about.
-Team A new hobbies include: 1.Screaming in each others faces purely for fun, really, they laugh as they are doing it. You can only imagine how well this goes over late into the afternoon. 2. Drinking milk then spitting it down a wall, window, appliance, TV. Yeah, that one goes over well too. 3. Waking up after 7am, I truly love this one. It is like a dream come true, for the next month. 4. Minding their manners. They have gotten very good and please, thank you, and excuse me. Thomas prefers "beep beep" to excuse me, but we are working on it.

I apparently have exceeded my limit on uploading photos. I am sure there is a way around this (other than paying) so hopefully I will have some pictures real soon. If not, oh well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ever Evolving Pregnancy

As most know this pregnancy has been just absolutely crazy for me and my family. After a quick break of feeling great, I took another turn last week. I finally got sick. I know you are going, "but haven't you been sick the whole time" technically, yes, but last week I called my doctor at 10pm on Sunday, unable to breath and nothing was helping. He put me on antibiotics and a steroid. After a few days I was back on my feet and feeling well again. I guess I am feeling as well as a person who could be 9 months pregnant carrying one baby.

I will be 32 weeks on Friday, so I figure I have about 4-6 weeks left of this pregnancy. I went for a sonogram today and as we looked at our large babies we were told that one is estimated to be 4.3 lbs while the other is estimated to be 4.13 lbs. Yes, that is 9 lbs of baby. Even full term for a single baby, that is large. I have only gained 14 lbs thus far. So, if 9 lbs are baby, that leaves 5 lbs for 2 placentas, twice the amount of fluid and anything else that goes along with birth. Not bad... If anything I should look good almost coming out of the hospital.

So yeah, about only having 4-6 weeks left. ( I think it is closer to the 4 week side) Everyone is wishing this pregnancy to end quickly for me because they have all witnessed first hand what I have gone through, but have any of you stopped to look at what will happen after... The realization of 4 kids under 24 months is really starting to settle in. Yes I have a wonderful, supportive husband who does so much for me and our family, and yes, Colin does more for me and his siblings than the average 12 yr old. But, from 8am and anywhere from 3-5 pm I will be running the show solo. Whoooo that scares me. I have a great network of friends that already do so much for me and I know they will be there as well, but this is my show and I am becoming to realize that I will be the ring master. I figure, if I can get through the first 12 months and still be sane, then I will survive this wonderful journey I have been put on.

I don't go to church anymore (sorry mom), but that doesn't mean that I do not believe in God. I know someone will give me the strength to wake up every day and move forward. After all I will have 5 amazing kids. What more could anyone ask for (other than gift cards to shop rite). Thank you grandma, if you had anything to do with this for either passing down the twin gene or passing down the gene to haphazardly drop eggs like it was my job.

Names, names, names..... I am still stuck on names. I have no idea what I even like anymore. I do know that my Grandmothers name was Margaret Irene, those names just might grow on me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

one day

We are at a loss as to what car to get come the birth of the next litter. (Only kidding with the litter comment). For the everyday use, a minivan would work because Colin can sit in the front, but for when we would like to go anywhere as a family, we will not fit. We are thinking Conversion Van. They are pricey and I am not sure if I completely sold on them yet. I know that we could get the whole gang in them and maybe even have a seat for an extra person, but I am just not feeling it. For know, this is what the back seat looks like.

Friday, September 4, 2009

riding bikes

It was September 1st and we woke up to a beautiful crisp morning. I love fall, starting to layer, and just being able to breathe non-humid air. The guys love to ride their bikes and the back yard doesn't work for them anymore. We park our car at the end of the driveway and they are pretty good about not going into the street. thomas' new thing is to ride down our small incline with his head up in the air. I have to remind him to put his head down before he slams into the car. What they also do is start up at the front door and then come down the driveway. If one is up the sidewalk and the other starts to come up there usually is some yelling. They are pretty good about backing out and waiting their turn now, it is so funny to watch.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

and now I have thrown my back out. I am pretty sure that my back is from hours of coughing and vomiting and once I felt better my body said "here you go, the next issue is..." I have been working aggressively with my Chiropractor all week and the pain has subsided some but I am so afraid to move an inch in the wrong direction.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Big Turn Around

In the past week I have had some major improvements in my health. I can not believe how great I have been feeling. I think that the coughing/vomiting/peeing in pants was all due to a severe case of reflux. Last Monday (over a week ago) I was still coughing and everything else that went along with it. Tuesday I caved and took the prendesone along with an inhaler of albulteral, let's not forget the prescription of pepcid and have had nothing but daily improvements. I am absolutely amazed at how I feel. I have been rapidly getting better every day. The first few nights, I would still cough some and need to change "the diaper" but now a week later I hardly cough at all. I might even be brave and not put a diaper on tonight.

I only took the steroid for four days and I am down to taking the inhaler once a day but I still take the pepcid every day. I really think that is what helps me. I went to the doctor the other day and I have gained 14lbs total. He assured me that I would "catch up." These babies can suck as much fat off me as they like, i don't mind.

I would like to thank my family and friends for any and all support they have given me over the past 6 months, mostly the past 2. I know that I have not been the most pleasant person to be around, yet you all still managed to smile when I came through the door. I am so glad to be feeling better, so much better. I actually am starting to feel pregnant and hungry too. I spent so much time in a fog and feeling so sick, I have had little energy to enjoy my pregnancy.

As for my pregnancy, both babies are looking good and growing strong. They are both bigger than the expected growth (not surprising) and I think they might be born on their brothers birthday (Nov 20th). It would be wild to have 4 kids with the same birthday, however it might be easy, just get a big sheet cake and write everyone's name on it. Ahh Names, we are still up in the air about those. Two of my favorites are already taken (Norah and Claire) so I will have to continue to search until I find good ones. Actually I will have to see the babies first and then find some names.

Hopefully the next 2-3 months will be as good as this past week and Hopefully my labor and delivery will be as quick and easy as the first set. I have been working with my Chiropractor aligning all my ligaments hoping the babies fall in the right positions so I can avoid a C_Section. My goal is to go as close to full term as possible and deliver vaginally with no drugs. It has worked so far, third time should be a charm.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

some recent shots

These are from various locations over the past few weeks, I am just to tired to tag, locate, identify, post, etc.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

an update

Our summer has been jammed packed (i think), not really. We actually I/we havent left the state since early July. I have been unmotivated, very tired, somewhat sick (in the head some might say) and scared. This pregnancy is wearing me thin, almost literally. As of right now at almost 6 months pregnant i have gained only 10lbs. Not that i am complaining but it really isn't a lot of weight for someone carrying twins. My severe allergy symptoms have escalated into a crazy cough that lasts for hours. By hours it starts somewhere around 6-7pm and ends anywhere from 11pm-2am sometimes longer. It usually comes to an end with me vomiting or by 2am dry heaving. Most nights i make it to the toilet but sometimes i am running with a bowl in my arms to catch the beginning.

I have gone to an allergist and we have both decided that this all might be reflux. This makes sense to me since the coughing started around the same time my stomach started to get big hence making less room in the digestive cavity. I have taken all sorts of drugs and the pharmacist knows me by name and voice on the phone. Here is a list of things i have tried most of which have not helped
Robitussin with codeine (was up all night on this one)
benadryl (i still take just to help me sleep, it might also be a mind over matter thing)
Rhinocort (still taking, i think it helps)
Pepcid (not OTC, 40 mg, I think this is working for me)
I was prescribed Prendasone, but i did not want to take it.

Larry and I have noticed a difference since i have been taking the pepcid. Hopefully this is reflux and that medication will help.

We had plans to go away this month, but I do not feel comfortable being at anyone elses home. This is how my evening goes down. We get the babies ready for bed and it is at this time that i usually start to cough. Like I said this lasts for hours. As i am coughing i have also lost bladder control so at the same time I am going through about 5-8 depends a night. Most nights I end with vomiting but there is still residual coughing after. This leaves me with about 2-4 hours of interrupted sleep (coughing).

My skin has taken a turn for the worse as well. I have small patches of dry and itchy skin on my elbows and side. Maryellen, our family friend, looked at me tonight and said it looks like a bullseye (lyme disease). I do not think I have lyme disease, and I do not have any other symptoms of lyme disease, but it was still not a good thing to plant into a pregnant womans head.

I also have people bugging me about where everyone is going to sleep. We have a three bedroom house, 2 of the three rooms are really small. The answer to all of you is somewhere.... We will figure it all out when the time comes.

I have some pictures to post at a later date, I finally got a camera (thanks larry and colin) for my birthday. Colin is doing great, he is ready for school and has become girl crazy. It is scary, real scary. The twins are so cool and such good babies. They do a really good job a sharing with each other and friends and their speech is starting to pick up. They will repeat anything i tell them to. Thomas more than William, but he is not far behind. Like i said, pictures will come soon...

Monday, July 20, 2009

true happiness


We took the kids to the zoo in bergen county and there is a bird house where you can get the birds to land on sticks and eat some food. Both boys had a great time and by the end of the adventure Thomas was holding the birds and sticks all by himself. This is an awesome picture of Larry and Thomas, both are expressing true happiness and love. I love it!
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Monday, July 13, 2009

parking lot

Like my kitchen isn't small enough, they must park all bikes under my feet. Yes, there are three and only two kids and yes these are usually outside. However, Thomas has figured out how to get them up the stairs onto the deck and with some teamwork from William who will open the door for him the come inside.

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the slow drip

It has been so long since I had small kids and when colin was small we lived in a working town. Now that we are back in PR there are plenty of moms home with their kids. Before the twins i always wondered why people had kids parties during the day. Now i get it, we, the moms, are home. We went to a party the other day and I have seen one of the neatest inventions. "Slow drip Popsicles" both boys ate one and all I had to do was wipe around their mouths and a small line of juice down their arm. By far one of the coolest things ever. They are partially made out of jello hence the slow drip.

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ice cream

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the finished product

I wish Colin was home to fold the rest of the socks. That is my least favorite thing to do with the laundry. I gave him that chore a long time ago, he has hated ever since.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Evel Knievel

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We were lucky enough to aquire a swing set from a friend. They boys love it and it keeps them occupied all day
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The boys are stretching with Larry and making sure he stays fit
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William and his fig leaf

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As most know I have no problem writing my thoughts and opinions on this blog. I have been thinking about writing a book over the past few weeks, just about every day things that go on in my life. My pregnancy is going great, but these allergies have taken over my waking and sleeping hours. They have taken over my breathing, and I have just surrendered to the fact they have taken over my bodily functions, mainly my bladder.

Picture this, a beautiful white lacy bra, panties that you could just rip right off and a nice set of thigh-highs. Yes, this is how Larry would love for me to jump into bed looking every night or day i am sure, however, here is all the information. White, lacy nursing bra, (they are the only ones that I have that fit right now). Underwear you could rip off would be the depends i have to wear because I have lost all bladder control and often pee all over myself and any chair i sit on. As for the thigh-highs, they would be full length compression stocking since some veins in my legs have decided to rise to the surface and protrude through my first 7 layers of skin, right into my vagina. I looked at Larry the other day, after looking at myself in the mirror, thanking the God that I am already married because I am quite a catch right now.

I get little rest during the day as most could imagine and my sleep is often disturbed by hours of coughing. The one word I could use to describe how I function and get through each day would be numb. I think that I am so overtired and way beyond any sense of reality, i just coast through the day. I have also used the term fragile to describe my current state. If for some reason I just jostled in any one direction that I can not handle, the state of my fragility is severely compromised.

I am not quite sure how my family has put up with me, they just look the other way and don't question when I get up from the dinner table and abruptly leave. I say "leave" because my mom has stepped in as family chef. Thankfully my parents live less than a mile away and my mom cooks some kind of meal every night. The last thing I have energy for is cooking dinner. I would rather buy her groceries and have her cook for my clan then deal with the chore of making dinner. By the end of the day (end being about 5pm) I am so shot, I can't deal with much more. I usually have enough energy to help bathe the kids and get them to bed. Most nights I don't even go downstairs after they are in bed.

As for my book, I will keep you posted as to whether or not I write one. Here are some pictures for you. One is obvious, the second is also pretty obvious... (Don't worry neither of them are of "THE VEIN" I will keep that to myself")

I like how Krazy is marked on the wall just above numerous loads of laundry that need to be folded.

Friday, June 19, 2009

notice the shadows

There was a rumor on the radio news today that there might only be a CHANCE of a late afternoon shower. As soon as I heard this I started to take full advantage of the day and get the kids outside. Yes, it was very wet (b/c it rained all night) and there were large pools of mud, as shown, but I did not care. All that dirt can be washed off. My next challenge for the day is keeping the second nap, I am fearing they are starting to lose it... boohoo

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the saving grace of the screen porch

Yes we got a great deal on our house and for the most part it was in move-in condition, other than painting, the selling point for me was the extra room. Even though it is a screen room so it limits our use to April/may to October. It is by far one of my favorite rooms in the house. With all this rain it has served as an extra playroom for the twins while staying dry and getting fresh air at the same time. I keep the doors open all day and they are able to ride their "outside" bikes around. I allowed for that only because of the rain, as soon as this mess is over everything is going back out, along with children and DOG!

here is the screen porch, as you can tell it is a good size room with a nice high ceiling. My sister was nice enough to pass down a couch so now it really is an extra living/play room

As some with kids already know, never underestimate the power of a cardboard box

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