Wednesday, January 30, 2008

stating their positions in life

small tragedy

Last night we had our first small tragedy. Poor Colin, he was holding Thomas in the recliner and was trying to recline and Thomas' head came down on the arm rest. Colin was devastated and Thomas was annoyed that Kim and I kept putting ice on his head. Needless to say he slept well and woke up smiling today. Colin recovered with a small bruise on his ego.

hands free

Thanks to our good friends Victoria and Alberto, I now have a double carrier. Ok, so this may look ridiculous, but i can talk on the phone and drink a cup of tea at the same time...... They are pretty heavy but this carrier is so versatile. I can carry both in the front, one in the front one in the back. Or just one at time.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Thomas and William love to stay up most of the day. For only being 2 months old they can go most days with 2 or 3 20-30 minute naps. I am sure you can only imagine what i must look and feel like at the end of those days. Anyway, today is different, they have finally decided to take a decent nap. Here they have been sleeping for over 2 hours, so i am sure my time is almost up. And yes, I know for all you crazy Back sleepers, they are on their stomachs, but, have twins, if you can get them to sleep for an extra 2 or 3 hours in the middle of the night because they are on their stomach you would do it too.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Colin s such an awesome big brother. He is my right hand man and helps out when ever he is called. I am so thankful to have him around, especially when there is no school.
He is letting his hair grow out because he got a part in the school musical Oliver! We are are really excited and can hardly wait to see him perform.


both boys have really started to come around. here william is thinking hard about what he wants for dinner

and thomas is just happy to eat no matter what flavor it comes in

Thursday, January 17, 2008


a day in the life of ME!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

au pair

So I am so desperate for help that at this point, as long as they can hold a bottle I am willing to have them stay for the day. Christopher will be 5 next week and even he has been a huge help all day. He feeds the babies and helps me walk the dog. Even though it was freezing out today, because of him we were able to get out and stroll around the neighborhood for an hour. What a relief.

the boys

Thomas and William respectively


As long as the boys are attached to a body, they don't really care how they sleep. That is Thomas who is falling down into the chair

Sunday, January 6, 2008


When we were growing up my mom swore off all dogs. Now in my adult years I can not believe that they tolerate 3 dogs at one time in their house. I also know that they sleep with the dog in their bed. All three dogs have such different personalities. Chloe, feels that she is better than all dogs and may even think she is part human. Haley is the alpha female and keeps everyone in line, especially Duke. Now, Duke is the puppy of the bunch and is very playful. He is also multi talented, he can lick himself and hump his face at the same time. I am sure most men are jealous....


Most Sundays' are spent at my mom and dad's house. Believe it or not, most of the people in the picture are here every week. Of course Aunt Claire and family are not, but we always enjoy their company when they are visiting. Matt made pulled pork today that he started cooking around 4am. Billy came and helped whip up the special sauce and got the house to smell like vinegar. (Easter memories coming back)

Friday, January 4, 2008


so i have needed some help around the house and when i asked Colin to put a load in apparently he thought he would give it a try. being part polish he forgot to open the cover to the washer...


going into character, Larry quickly posed as Kilroy on his way out from under the bed. Yes folks, Larry fit under the bed. I am sure some nights he would like to crawl under there with his pillow and not come out until morning. Thomas would never allow that.


so when i am alone with the boys we spend a lot of close time together. despite my smiling, this was close to the end of a REALLY hectic day. Among a short list of things i need (nanny, dinner made, laundry done) i would love a twin front carrier.

i really like this picture


So, Marco comes by everyday and I love him for it. He is such a big help to me and of course he is great company. Here he is practicing his sexy face, hopefully it will pay off tonight when he goes for an interview at the bar.


colin and william are macking out in pj's this night. william is smiling before he even knows he can

blue babies

the boys were feeling a little blue today

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