Thursday, July 31, 2008

Help Me Help Overweight People Everywhere!

American Express is having a contest basically for people to come up wiht ideas that will help the world. Top 5 ideas actually get funding to make their idea happen. Ideas rise based on people who nominate the ideas. I have an idea. I think it's a good one and hope you take a second to go to the website, sign up for a username, and nominate my idea to help it get to the top 25. September 1 is when voting closes, so please not only nominate me but also spread the word!
Here's the link:

Monday, July 21, 2008

maybe we need a bigger pool

Two Joels in one week

Larry surprised me by going to the Billy Joel concert on Friday. It was the last concert at Shea Stadium. His performance was one of the best rock concerts I have ever been to. He rocked out for three hours and had an amazing guest line up. The first to come out and sing with him was Tony Bennett, then Garth Brooks, Steven Tyler, Roger Daltrey, and finally Paul McCartney. I was so psyched and amazed, it was truly an awesome experience. thanks Larry you are truly an amazing experience!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off to the beach...

The gang is all here, thankfully. we all decided to take the day and relax in the sun. Marco decided it would be good to wear his mankini. Of course out of all of us, he does look the best (boohoo). That didn't stop our polish pride and cheap white skin for the day though. We had a great time, the boys loved it (even took a nap) and we were happy to see that the there was no chum from the beached whale last week, poor fella

napping babies

this pool was worth the $1.99 they loved splashing around in it

this is my dear friend tina and her daughter Kate.

and last but certainly not least, here is my kate. she is looking a lot redder at this moment in time

cute bath photos

here are some more cute pictures

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the sleep project continued

I had stopped posting about the big adventure and separating the boys for sleeping through the night. it wasn't as exciting as i thought it would be. both are sleeping through from about 7:30 to anywhere from 5:30am on. I have been getting so much sleep I dont know what to do with all my free time at night. (certainly not working on another baby (sorry larry) totally my fault, i know)

thank you to all my family and friends for all of their love, support, skills and food over the past 8 months i could not (well maybe i could have) done it with out you.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gettin' a good Wiff

Thank goodness for all the air flowing through in my crocks. Guess who this is?

somethings have never changed

colin at camp

Carla and I went down to camp to see our kids and do their laundry. It was good to see Colin, although he told me that he would have been fine without seeing me and that he would love to go to camp next summer for 8 weeks. He might have said this , but he couldn't stop hugging me, I guess it is always good to see your mom.

Let the truth be told....

So, yes the truth is that I am an E! Junkie. I am a glutton for trash TV (when I have the time to watch it) and this evening we got to see our favorite host Joel McHale. His stand-up was great and the photo op was even better...

I love this picture even though Larry looks Chinese ( I have been wondering where Thomas has gotten his Chinese flare) and birdie looks like she had been at work all day. Thank God I was there to save the picture with Joel.

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

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billy has taken a fond liking to William, He has dubbed the boys "the goobers" and they have no problem jumping into his arms
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a day in the park

i finally figured out why they have holes on both sides of the kiddie swings

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hello Mother!

Here are a few shots of colin from camp, It looks to me like he is having a great time

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Sleep Project!

I have been telling the boys for weeks that as soon as Colin goes off to camp they were going in his room for the night, and that meant all night. I dropped Colin off on Sunday and they started on Monday night. I figured this project would take about a week for them to get the idea on not waking up.

My strategy:
Keep them outside and busy all day with not much sleeping

Night One - Monday
Asleep by 8pm
Thomas up at 4am
Larry went in at 4am
I went in at 4:15
I return at 4:35 to give William a pacifier and a flip to the stomach
By 4:37 they are both out with not much crying (mostly whining)

Night Two - Tuesday
Asleep by 8:30pm
Slept until 6:30am
I was asleep by 10:30 and slept until 5am OMG I felt great

Night Three - Wednesday
Asleep William 6:30 - he was sleeping while i was getting him dressed for bed
Thomas 6:50 - needed a few more minutes i guess
3:52 - Thomas woke up, but was quickly back to sleep by 4am
Awake 6:00am both boys

Thank goodness it is summer and I can keep them outside in the sun most of the day, I believe that is helping a lot. Maybe also the fact they are not with each other and kicking and flipping all over themselves

Night Four - thursday
Larry and I went to the Boston/Yankee Game this evening. Birdie and My mom thankfully came to our rescue since Kim was sick. I left Bird with two cranky, teething babies. She assured me that she was fine and I didn't doubt her one bit. MJ showed up at 7 to TWO sleeping babies, Yeah Bird! When we got home (11:30) William was awake and rocking in the squeaking rocking chair with Grandma. I gave him a kiss and put him back down (awake), both babies slept until 6am.
Things are going well so far, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

at the big pool

We went to the Pool in Park Ridge the other day. This is all part of my big plan to get them to sleep through the night. Keep them busy during the day so they won't wake up at night.

Graduation Party

On Saturday we had a Graduation party for Kate at "the cabin" it was a good afternoon and a fun time was had by all

Billy was on hand to Bar-Be-Que all the burgers and Dogs

Melanie was on hand to keep all the kids in order

Birdie and Larry were on hand to provide entertainment

William and Thomas were there to just look fashionably cute with the new grass


Kate Graduated from Fort Lee High School on Wednesday, June 25, 2008. She will be attending Rutgers in the fall and is extremely excited about the new adventure. thankfully she is short and was in the front row so we were able to snap some pictures. Unfortunately she is short and was in the front row which meant there were about 7 rows behind her that needed to get diplomas as well, about 1 hours worth! Only kidding Kate we enjoyed our time. Congratulations Kate!

Me, Kate and Colin

Kate, Colin and Brandi (her sister)

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