Sunday, July 12, 2009


As most know I have no problem writing my thoughts and opinions on this blog. I have been thinking about writing a book over the past few weeks, just about every day things that go on in my life. My pregnancy is going great, but these allergies have taken over my waking and sleeping hours. They have taken over my breathing, and I have just surrendered to the fact they have taken over my bodily functions, mainly my bladder.

Picture this, a beautiful white lacy bra, panties that you could just rip right off and a nice set of thigh-highs. Yes, this is how Larry would love for me to jump into bed looking every night or day i am sure, however, here is all the information. White, lacy nursing bra, (they are the only ones that I have that fit right now). Underwear you could rip off would be the depends i have to wear because I have lost all bladder control and often pee all over myself and any chair i sit on. As for the thigh-highs, they would be full length compression stocking since some veins in my legs have decided to rise to the surface and protrude through my first 7 layers of skin, right into my vagina. I looked at Larry the other day, after looking at myself in the mirror, thanking the God that I am already married because I am quite a catch right now.

I get little rest during the day as most could imagine and my sleep is often disturbed by hours of coughing. The one word I could use to describe how I function and get through each day would be numb. I think that I am so overtired and way beyond any sense of reality, i just coast through the day. I have also used the term fragile to describe my current state. If for some reason I just jostled in any one direction that I can not handle, the state of my fragility is severely compromised.

I am not quite sure how my family has put up with me, they just look the other way and don't question when I get up from the dinner table and abruptly leave. I say "leave" because my mom has stepped in as family chef. Thankfully my parents live less than a mile away and my mom cooks some kind of meal every night. The last thing I have energy for is cooking dinner. I would rather buy her groceries and have her cook for my clan then deal with the chore of making dinner. By the end of the day (end being about 5pm) I am so shot, I can't deal with much more. I usually have enough energy to help bathe the kids and get them to bed. Most nights I don't even go downstairs after they are in bed.

As for my book, I will keep you posted as to whether or not I write one. Here are some pictures for you. One is obvious, the second is also pretty obvious... (Don't worry neither of them are of "THE VEIN" I will keep that to myself")

I like how Krazy is marked on the wall just above numerous loads of laundry that need to be folded.

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♥Caroline♥ said...

omg girl! get you some rest..I like how you haven't lost your sense of humor thru it all...hope it gets better for ya!Thank God for moms!!

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