Sunday, August 23, 2009

an update

Our summer has been jammed packed (i think), not really. We actually I/we havent left the state since early July. I have been unmotivated, very tired, somewhat sick (in the head some might say) and scared. This pregnancy is wearing me thin, almost literally. As of right now at almost 6 months pregnant i have gained only 10lbs. Not that i am complaining but it really isn't a lot of weight for someone carrying twins. My severe allergy symptoms have escalated into a crazy cough that lasts for hours. By hours it starts somewhere around 6-7pm and ends anywhere from 11pm-2am sometimes longer. It usually comes to an end with me vomiting or by 2am dry heaving. Most nights i make it to the toilet but sometimes i am running with a bowl in my arms to catch the beginning.

I have gone to an allergist and we have both decided that this all might be reflux. This makes sense to me since the coughing started around the same time my stomach started to get big hence making less room in the digestive cavity. I have taken all sorts of drugs and the pharmacist knows me by name and voice on the phone. Here is a list of things i have tried most of which have not helped
Robitussin with codeine (was up all night on this one)
benadryl (i still take just to help me sleep, it might also be a mind over matter thing)
Rhinocort (still taking, i think it helps)
Pepcid (not OTC, 40 mg, I think this is working for me)
I was prescribed Prendasone, but i did not want to take it.

Larry and I have noticed a difference since i have been taking the pepcid. Hopefully this is reflux and that medication will help.

We had plans to go away this month, but I do not feel comfortable being at anyone elses home. This is how my evening goes down. We get the babies ready for bed and it is at this time that i usually start to cough. Like I said this lasts for hours. As i am coughing i have also lost bladder control so at the same time I am going through about 5-8 depends a night. Most nights I end with vomiting but there is still residual coughing after. This leaves me with about 2-4 hours of interrupted sleep (coughing).

My skin has taken a turn for the worse as well. I have small patches of dry and itchy skin on my elbows and side. Maryellen, our family friend, looked at me tonight and said it looks like a bullseye (lyme disease). I do not think I have lyme disease, and I do not have any other symptoms of lyme disease, but it was still not a good thing to plant into a pregnant womans head.

I also have people bugging me about where everyone is going to sleep. We have a three bedroom house, 2 of the three rooms are really small. The answer to all of you is somewhere.... We will figure it all out when the time comes.

I have some pictures to post at a later date, I finally got a camera (thanks larry and colin) for my birthday. Colin is doing great, he is ready for school and has become girl crazy. It is scary, real scary. The twins are so cool and such good babies. They do a really good job a sharing with each other and friends and their speech is starting to pick up. They will repeat anything i tell them to. Thomas more than William, but he is not far behind. Like i said, pictures will come soon...

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♥Caroline♥ said...

omg...i am so sorry that you have to go thru all of that. poor thing...I hope that after you have the babies, it will fix alot of your problems...

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