Tuesday, September 8, 2009

one day

We are at a loss as to what car to get come the birth of the next litter. (Only kidding with the litter comment). For the everyday use, a minivan would work because Colin can sit in the front, but for when we would like to go anywhere as a family, we will not fit. We are thinking Conversion Van. They are pricey and I am not sure if I completely sold on them yet. I know that we could get the whole gang in them and maybe even have a seat for an extra person, but I am just not feeling it. For know, this is what the back seat looks like.


Alessia and Jim said...

Go for the conversion van. I remember driving to New York every summer in our big van. There was almost enough space for the five of us to spread out and not drive each other too crazy! For your own sanity while driving, I would go as big and spacious as possible!

crowldawg said...

Dodge makes the Sprinter van .Big like the old days with a diesel engine if you want. Just a lot of seats

LeoBrito13 said...



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