Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Ever Evolving Pregnancy

As most know this pregnancy has been just absolutely crazy for me and my family. After a quick break of feeling great, I took another turn last week. I finally got sick. I know you are going, "but haven't you been sick the whole time" technically, yes, but last week I called my doctor at 10pm on Sunday, unable to breath and nothing was helping. He put me on antibiotics and a steroid. After a few days I was back on my feet and feeling well again. I guess I am feeling as well as a person who could be 9 months pregnant carrying one baby.

I will be 32 weeks on Friday, so I figure I have about 4-6 weeks left of this pregnancy. I went for a sonogram today and as we looked at our large babies we were told that one is estimated to be 4.3 lbs while the other is estimated to be 4.13 lbs. Yes, that is 9 lbs of baby. Even full term for a single baby, that is large. I have only gained 14 lbs thus far. So, if 9 lbs are baby, that leaves 5 lbs for 2 placentas, twice the amount of fluid and anything else that goes along with birth. Not bad... If anything I should look good almost coming out of the hospital.

So yeah, about only having 4-6 weeks left. ( I think it is closer to the 4 week side) Everyone is wishing this pregnancy to end quickly for me because they have all witnessed first hand what I have gone through, but have any of you stopped to look at what will happen after... The realization of 4 kids under 24 months is really starting to settle in. Yes I have a wonderful, supportive husband who does so much for me and our family, and yes, Colin does more for me and his siblings than the average 12 yr old. But, from 8am and anywhere from 3-5 pm I will be running the show solo. Whoooo that scares me. I have a great network of friends that already do so much for me and I know they will be there as well, but this is my show and I am becoming to realize that I will be the ring master. I figure, if I can get through the first 12 months and still be sane, then I will survive this wonderful journey I have been put on.

I don't go to church anymore (sorry mom), but that doesn't mean that I do not believe in God. I know someone will give me the strength to wake up every day and move forward. After all I will have 5 amazing kids. What more could anyone ask for (other than gift cards to shop rite). Thank you grandma, if you had anything to do with this for either passing down the twin gene or passing down the gene to haphazardly drop eggs like it was my job.

Names, names, names..... I am still stuck on names. I have no idea what I even like anymore. I do know that my Grandmothers name was Margaret Irene, those names just might grow on me.


♥Caroline♥ said...

hoping for a quick 4 to 6 weeks!! take care of yourself...wish i could help...

Elaina said...

Okay, well you know I'm 3 minutes away. I'm babysitting tomorrow, but I'll come over to play this weekend. Don't hesitate to call me. And as for baby names, I STRONGLY suggest Elaina for one. Its one syllable less than Grossenbacher which is perfect. Or Marie Elaina. Just consider it - PLEASE!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!

claire said...

Hi Nellie,
Sorry to hear that your break did't last long. Sure wish I could run over and give you a hand.
Yesterday I ran into an acquaintance whose older girls were 3 and 4 when she had Eduardo and Leticia - perhaps a bit better than what you face, especially in terms of diapers and language and safety. She kept insisting that I tell you to have a routine (as if you didnt already!)
I think Margaret and Irene are both swell names and go very well with Grossenbacher. I'll try to call you at a reasonable hour (now its 6:44 EST) soon.

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